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If you don't achieve your goal, we'll send an SMS message to your mom to let her know.

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A fun and friendly way to stay accountable. What will you achieve next?

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How it works

Achieve your biggest goals yet.

Sign up to Tattle.

You'll need a first name, an email, and a password. Your first name will be used in SMS or voice messages in the event that we reach out to one of your contacts.

Create a new contact.

Contacts are your friends or family that will help hold you accountable. If you don't achieve your goal on time, your contact is who we'll get in touch with.

Create a new goal.

Write down something you want to achieve, big or small. Then assign your newly created contact to the goal.

Pick a due date.

Choose the day the goal should be completed by. It can be tomorrow, or years in the future.

If you don't achieve your goal...

If your goal isn't marked as complete in your Tattle dashboard by the due date, then we'll send an SMS or voice message to your contact, letting them know.

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